Sometimes she smiles, recalling a moment in time that was fun or happy. Other times, she expresses remorse over a regret. Often she is pained when she asks about family members who have departed and we must tell her the truth; “Uncle Mel died, Mom.” “Grandma has been gone since 2005.” “No; Jim is no longer with us.” For her it is like finding out about the death of a loved one all over again. Dementia is ugly and cruel…. Read more »

“We are completely out of debt!” I was flying high on a cloud of exhilaration. Our house in the city was finally sold and we had just deposited the equity into the bank. “We could… We could buy an RV and travel the United States!” He just shook his head, not even willing to entertain the idea. “We could move to Africa and minister to orphans! Wouldn’t that be awesome???” Staring me straight in the eye he stated firmly and emphatically,… Read more »

His music takes you places. Usually down a long country road that leads to a quiet, simple way of life. The journey may take you on a respite in the woods, or a sunset walk on the beach, or you could find yourself a guest in a modest country home in the Ozarks, filled with love and joyful sounds of a happy family, where you’re invited to sit for a spell to enjoy the taste of mama’s home cooking and… Read more »

Though she was our ninth child, this was to be our very first home birth. It wasn’t a decision really; to have the baby at home. Not initially anyway. It was more like a realization. I was only a few months along the day I was walking through the small farmhouse in the country we had moved into in the spring when the thought seemed to strike out of nowhere: This baby will be born at home. Because of the… Read more »

The Scripture verse posted at the front of the sanctuary seemed irrelevant the night we exchanged vows in the small church in my hometown on December 30, 1987. In fact, it would be nearly a decade before either of us would ever notice the ominous warning captured in a wedding photo. Let alone understand its significance. Neither Terry nor I knew the Lord as we stood before Him that night vowing to love and cherish, honor and obey till death… Read more »

It’s been a crazy busy year for our family. One daughter married. Another became engaged. One graduated. A new baby girl was born to our oldest, and our youngest began 1st grade in homeschool. Many of you shared in our excitement and joy as each of these life landmarks have been recorded here on our family blog. We thought it would be profitable to count down our top 16 posts written and published in 2016 here on The Long Way,… Read more »

‘Tis the day after Christmas And we’re all taking a break But the sales are still on And they won’t break the bank! Purple Monday is like Lilla Rose’s personal Black Friday…except it’s purple…and on a Monday and Tuesday! All of their holiday items are 50% off!!! That’s a STEAL of a deal!!   Just a few of their holiday items. Isn’t that snowman just ADORABLE?! Little reindeer prancing in your hair! Holiday colors for festive hair!!   All of… Read more »

At Home I hesitate to post these events under the “at home” section, as not much happened at home; we’ve been quite busy outside the home this first full week of December. Last Friday was the Long Girls’ Studio music recital. Stephanie teaches guitar and flute. Emily teaches violin and Haley taught piano, though this recital marked the end of her teaching days in Indiana. “Long”-time readers might remember that it was during last year’s music recital when Wesley surprised… Read more »

This week we had the privilege of stepping back in time on two separate outings. At Home Tuesday evening, while the older girls had their final Columbus Symphony Orchestra practice for this Sunday’s spectacular (and FREE!) Christmas performance, the rest of the children and I visited the local library to garner insight into the life of a rather famous gentleman. Though the program was about 2 hours in length and not specifically geared toward children (nearly all the other attendees… Read more »

Hey girl, there is a warrior out there who is in need of your help. He’s fighting an endless battle with temptations, impurity, and flirty females. His heart could be in danger. You must fight for him! His name? You might not even know…yet. But he’s coming for you. He is your future husband. In this battle against all the filth the world pushes at us these days, trying to rob us of our purity, we need more warriors. Prayer… Read more »