The Graduate

It’s that time of year when seniors celebrate 12 years of accomplishment and prepare for graduation. We have a graduate this year! MacKenzie has finished her years of formal homeschooling and is preparing for her big graduation party, which is scheduled for next Saturday. I never remember to take “Senior pictures” at the beginning of the school year, but always remember just before their graduation. This year was no exception. I had originally planned to take MacKenzie to a nearby small… Read more »

Summer Book Club& Study

Beauty. Femininity. Identity. The three utmost things women are struggling to understand in our culture today. In this brand new book, sisters Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird dig deep into what it means to be a girl defined by God . It truly is a journey worth traveling! I had the honor of being a part of the launch team for this amazing book! When I received an advanced copy I opened it up immediately. From an editor’s standpoint, the… Read more »

Feminine Friday aunt corrie

It’s been an emotionally-charged, eventful week in our home. Excited and blessed over the birth of our precious new granddaughter, while mourning the loss of a man I have called “Dad” since I was 18 years old (my former father-in-law; Amanda’s grandfather), who passed away just a day after the baby’s birth, produced a week of joy mingled with sadness. We are still marveling over the timing of the baby’s birth. Amanda has always been “Papa’s Girl” from the moment she… Read more »

Of New Life

She was scheduled for an induction on Monday, as I explained in the Feminine Friday post, but soon after I clicked, “Publish”, Amanda texted and said she was at the hospital in labor! We scrambled to change plans. The children were planning to attend the annual homeschool Track and Field day and had been looking forward to this day for months. Dear Uncle Larry filled in for me and drove all the children to the event, while Haley and I took the sweet… Read more »

Feminine Friday Mom's Day

Mother’s Day is kind of a big deal at our house. Not because I make it an issue, mind you, but my children take this holiday seriously! At Home That box of donuts may not look special, but they are gluten-free, corn-free rings of deliciousness! They went great with the Starbucks coffee! Toss in some beautiful ruffled throw pillows, relaxing bath salts, lotion, a special video tribute, some candles and that amazing book by Priscilla Shirer, and whew…It’s like Christmas… Read more »


Losing the baby was hard. Letting go of the vision was even more painful. Flashback to 1997 when our nine year marriage, on the brink of divorce, was rescued from the miry pit as two lost sinners surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. The very first issue the Lord addressed after coming to salvation was our heart attitude toward children. I was pregnant, facing my fifth cesarean and wrestling with the idea of sterilization.  My reasoning was based on two… Read more »

Feminine Friday convention

Last weekend was one of the highlights of the year for our family–the Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE) Convention! Representing Doorposts For the past 6 years, Haley and I have been representing the creators of our favorite resources for biblical character training–Doorposts. When Terry and I came to Christ in 1997, the scales suddenly fell from our eyes and we realized that our children were completely out of control! Feeling the weight of our responsibility to train up our children in… Read more »


If you could sit down for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with a seasoned mother of a large family, what questions would you have for her? Are you curious about logistics? How do you keep your house clean? How do you keep them all fed, within a budget? How do you manage laundry and other household chores? Perhaps you would focus more on relationships How do you keep God at the center of your life? How do… Read more »

Feminine Friday Fundraiser

This week has been a whirlwind of busy-ness and excitement for our family as we attended two major events, one of which was a fundraiser, and are preparing for the big homeschool convention this weekend. Fun Times! Last Saturday the girls joined three other Southern Gospel music groups to raise money for a pastor from Ghana who is in need of eye surgery on both eyes. The event was held in a large fellowship hall at Landmark Baptist Church in Indianapolis,… Read more »

That Time

“Ted Cruz is holding a rally in Franklin tonight at the fairgrounds, and we’ve got a lot to do to prepare!” I explained to the children after learning of the rally yesterday morning that would be held an hour away. We immediately began making plans to not only attend, but at the suggestion of a friend, to arrive early; not an easy feat for our large family! We prepared lunch, then dinner (chicken salad, chips) for an impromptu picnic after and packed… Read more »