The new school year is underway here at Long Academy! Yesterday morning we took this fun photo:     During our 18 years of homeschooling, we have noted many positive aspects of homeschooling, from various angles. In this post I have highlighted just a few.   1. Vacations in the Off Season. Whether we are taking a field trip or a week-long vacation, homeschooling allows us to schedule our time away according to what works best for our family, rather than being… Read more »

Hiding God's Word

  “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11 Have you ever tried to memorize Scripture but felt like it required too much brain power and effort? Or perhaps it is the time commitment that it involves that is problematic. I have a solution!   Why Should We Memorize Scripture? There are many reasons we should be diligent to hide Scripture in our hearts. One is explained in this verse from Psalm… Read more »

Turning 19

The Secret I Kept from Her She discovered my testimony of Salvation in a Word document on the computer. It never occured to her to ask if it was something she should read or not, after all, it was right there in plain sight. Without hesitation, she opened the file and discovered the truth. Her own mother had plotted to take her life before she was born. I found MacKenzie that day sitting there staring at the computer with tears… Read more »


Suffering, it’s something every human being is familiar with in one way or another. Lost loved ones, illness, heartbreak, persecution, the list goes on and on. The lost may see it as “down on my luck” or bad “karma” while believers often equate it with chastisement. As Christians we know there are many ways we can grow while walking through the fire. But what if God has yet another purpose for allowing His children to suffer? Job When we hear… Read more »

Feminine Friday Mom's birthday week

Around our house birthdays generally extend beyond the actual day to encompass the entire week. Sometimes even the whole month! Usually those kinds of festivities are reserved for the younger crowd, however this year, my birthDAY turned into my birth WEEK. I was born on August 3, but as that date fell on Wednesday this year, other provisions for celebration needed to be made, as that weekday has been reserved for the past 6 years to spend with my daddy, who… Read more »

When you can't get out of bed sq

Bedridden. Again. Or in my case, couch/bed ridden (the couch has a hide-a-bed :)) If you read An Attitude in Time of Illness, then you know I have been struck down for a second battle with Lyme disease. Under any circumstances, being bedridden or confined to one space during an illness can be emotionally draining. Just lying there hour after hour wears on you. Especially when there is activity going on around you and you are incapable of participating. Thus feelings of helplessness,… Read more »

Feminine Friday at the Fair

If things have been a bit quiet around here lately, we blame it on the busy summer we’ve had thus far. The Jackson County Fair Our county fair has been deemed the best fair in all of Indiana. We would have to concur. It’s just big enough to be fun for everyone, yet small enough to maintain that small-town charm. This week the older ones went together to experience the rides on Tuesday evening. At thirteen years of age, Sam… Read more »


Depression weighed heavy on me and despair seeped into my soul as the realization dawned on me. This was happening for the second time. I had Lyme disease. Again. For several weeks I had been dealing with strange panic attacks; popping up for no reason. I had tried to track a pattern, but there wasn’t one. I also dealt with my pulse racing for no apparent reason, and sudden attacks of fatigue. I had all but forgotten the two ticks… Read more »


We were all in attendance that Sunday morning; our large family taking up two rows of chairs. One took notes on her device. I recorded mine the old fashioned way. None of us had any way of knowing how much we would all need this sermon from the life of Elijah in just a few short weeks. But God knew. The older ones thought they understood the significance when a close friend who had stayed for 10 days departed for… Read more »

WhenTheyWanted to

I attributed her hyperactivity to the fact that I drank too much coffee during my pregnancy. As an infant, she cried a lot and rarely slept. By the time she was three years old, Emily was exhibiting strange and often times dangerous behavior; putting her baby sister on the roof (out the window), playing with knives, and cutting herself with a razor. When we tried to explain to her why these things were wrong, she would look right through us, as… Read more »