I knew there would be questions and concerns. As soon as I hit “publish” on last week’s post “I Want to Marry Your Daughter”–What Happened Next, I took a deep breath and waited. Surprisingly, objection didn’t come until after a several hundred page views a few days later. As I dove in to address each concern, it soon became apparent to me that my response was much longer than a simple blog comment, and so I decided to make a blog… Read more »

I want to marry your daughter-what happened next

When he contacted Terry, he wasn’t asking for permission to become better acquainted with our daughter. He wasn’t interested in a courtship or even a dating type relationship. Not this guy. He was serious. Reagan said he wanted to marry Haley. Whoa! If you’ve watched their video (which I highly recommend!), then you know how their unconventional love story unfolded. I am still in awe of all the ways God was in the details! I thought you might be interested… Read more »


The trip was planned back in June, after Terry had wholeheartedly given his blessing to Reagan to marry our daughter Haley. We thought it would be a good idea for our two families to get together, as most had not yet met and Reagan’s parents didn’t know Haley very well. Initially Reagan had considered asking if Haley would want to be betrothed during that time, but he dismissed that idea and opted instead to propose marriage and become engaged. He ended… Read more »


As you can imagine, there’s much excitement in our family these days, with the sudden announcement of Haley’s engagement to Reagan Ramm, an occasional contributor here at The Long Way. In case you missed the Facebook Reveal, here’s how it went: On Monday Reagan posted this photo along with this status: “So I found this ring, and then I found this girl, and she said yes. So…” On Tuesday Haley posted the photo below along with her status “So this… Read more »


You are in for a serious treat here on The Long Way! In case you didn’t figure it out by yesterday’s post, our daughter Haley is engaged to Reagan Ramm, a frequent contributor here on the Long Way! Reagan and Haley took some time this week to make a video together to share their amazing, God-honoring, albeit unconventional, love story. It is a suspenseful tale of how major obstacles and distance threatened to keep them apart. How her parents had chosen… Read more »

Exciting Announcement jpg

Hey friends, you may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around here at The Long Way, and there’s a really good reason for that–we have some very exciting news to share! We are not yet ready to divulge all the details formally here on the blog, so you’ll have to be patient with us a bit longer. HOWEVER today we will be making the news “Facebook Official” over on The Long Way to Go Facebook page! So if… Read more »

Named after Corrie ten Boom

We were in our second winter of homeschooling when I discovered the book and read one chapter each afternoon to the children after lunch. Her powerful story made a great impact on me, a fairly new believer in Jesus Christ. I was so moved by her amazing heart of forgiveness as told in The Hiding Place that when we discovered our new baby was a girl, we all agreed there was only one name that fit; we would name our 6th daughter… Read more »


The new school year is underway here at Long Academy! Yesterday morning we took this fun photo:     During our 18 years of homeschooling, we have noted many positive aspects of homeschooling, from various angles. In this post I have highlighted just a few.   1. Vacations in the Off Season. Whether we are taking a field trip or a week-long vacation, homeschooling allows us to schedule our time away according to what works best for our family, rather than being… Read more »

Hiding God's Word

  “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalm 119:11 Have you ever tried to memorize Scripture but felt like it required too much brain power and effort? Or perhaps it is the time commitment that it involves that is problematic. I have a solution!   Why Should We Memorize Scripture? There are many reasons we should be diligent to hide Scripture in our hearts. One is explained in this verse from Psalm… Read more »

Turning 19

The Secret I Kept from Her She discovered my testimony of Salvation in a Word document on the computer. It never occured to her to ask if it was something she should read or not, after all, it was right there in plain sight. Without hesitation, she opened the file and discovered the truth. Her own mother had plotted to take her life before she was born. I found MacKenzie that day sitting there staring at the computer with tears… Read more »