This week we had the privilege of stepping back in time on two separate outings. At Home Tuesday evening, while the older girls had their final Columbus Symphony Orchestra practice for this Sunday’s spectacular (and FREE!) Christmas performance, the rest of the children and I visited the local library to garner insight into the life of a rather famous gentleman. Though the program was about 2 hours in length and not specifically geared toward children (nearly all the other attendees… Read more »

Hey girl, there is a warrior out there who is in need of your help. He’s fighting an endless battle with temptations, impurity, and flirty females. His heart could be in danger. You must fight for him! His name? You might not even know…yet. But he’s coming for you. He is your future husband. In this battle against all the filth the world pushes at us these days, trying to rob us of our purity, we need more warriors. Prayer… Read more »

We met her several years ago when our usual coffee shop was unexpectedly closed for the day. It was love at first site. Common Grounds Iris is the owner of Common Grounds, a coffee bar and tea shoppe tucked away on a side street off the main drag in the quaint little tourist town of Nashville, Indiana. The sweet coffee shop is home to Iris’ special coffee blend “Chaos”, as well as a variety of delicious coffee and tea concoctions… Read more »

It was a week of thankfulness that also included reminiscing about lost love ones who have passed on this year. Terry’s elderly Aunt Bev, who had suffered for years with emphysema. Amanda’s paternal grandfather “Papaw John”, as our children called him, died one day after the birth of Amanda’s fourth baby back in May. Dear “Adopted” Grandma Martha, a lady we have known since we first began attending Landmark Baptist way back in 1997. Terry’s younger sister Kim, who fought… Read more »

A really fun pastime our family has enjoyed is writing and performing plays. I wrote this play just days before Thanksgiving 2006 for the girls to perform at our family gathering. Very few photos exist from that first performance, but here’s a “cast photo” from the day. A few years later we decided to reprise the play for our annual fall party. Costumes & Set The Pilgrim ladies’ costumes were from a purchased pattern and a white sheet. The girls and I… Read more »

I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord. Psalm 116:17 Question:  Why would God regard giving thanks as an act of sacrifice? What is the cost for those who are grateful? Answer:  Expressing gratefulness mandates that we surrender our natural tendency to murmur.   Being grateful for good things in life is quite natural. Being grateful for the more difficult things requires a grateful perspective, because our instinctive default when things… Read more »

After weeks of unseasonably warm weather, the temperatures have dropped this week and we are settling into a routine of stoking the wood stove and preparing soups for dinner. This time of year as the weather forces us into close proximity, I am once again challenged in the area of contentment and gratefulness (read How a Tiny Old House Changed My Perspective here). At Home I think it would be impossible to discuss this week and not mention the election (sorry…)…. Read more »

One July evening in 2012, we held a special ceremony next to my herb garden in honor of Haley’s Covenant signing. Soon after I published the original blog post on my old blog, I began to receive many questions, both on the blog and in e-mails. This post was my attempt to answer each of those questions honestly and to the best of my ability. NOTE: This post was originally written in 2012 If dating was good enough for you and your husband, why isn’t it… Read more »

When the older girls were much younger and we lived an hour north of the little farm house in the valley we now call home, we frequently visited what has been rated the #1 children’s museum in the United States! With 5 floors to explore, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is not only the coolest but the largest children’s museum as well and includes an incredible “Dinosphere”, planetarium, replica of the space station, traveling exhibits, a carousel, theater, and so much… Read more »

For those who are curious as to how we arrived at our beliefs about courtship and such… Twelve year old Stephanie sat on the floor, totally absorbed in the video we were watching together. A friend had sent us a copy of a Dateline NBC segment titled “My One and Only” about a Michigan couple who, as young teens, had separately vowed to forsake dating in favor of waiting on the Lord to bring their life partners. The documentary discussed… Read more »