Five Great Long Car Ride Games

This will help on those boring long car rides that we all have to go through.

Do you just die of boredom after the first 30 minutes of a car ride? Well here are 5 great games that will make those long painful car rides turn into fun car rides.

  1. ABC Game

    This is a fun easy game and everyone can play it. All that you do is find the alphabet. You start with finding an A then B then C, and so forth. First person who finds the whole alphabet wins. The alphabet has to go in order and all the letters have to be outside the car.

  2. I Spy Game

    This is probably the easiest game ever invented. One person finds an object inside or outside the car, and then he starts to describe it. One or more people will start guessing what the object is. The person who guessed the object right first wins, and then he becomes the person who describes the objects.

  3. Categories

    For this game you need at least 3 people to play. The group of people who are playing choose a category like animals, cars, or foods. Then they choose a letter and you have to say something in that category that starts with the letter. You go around in a circle saying something in the category and if someone says something that has been said before, say something that starts with the wrong letter, or takes a lot of time is out. The last person who is still in the game won.

  4. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Everyone knows how to play this game. Its simple paper beat rock. Scissors beat paper. Rock beats scissors.

  5. Singing

    Choose your favorite song turn it on the radio, and sing along with it. Everyone likes to sing along with some good tunes.

All of these games are fun and easy to play. So next time you go on a long car ride try some of these games, and it will make the car ride go by so much faster! Go and give it a try.